Committee & Coaches

The following are the office bearers for the 2023/2024 season.

Cookstown Youth Football Club have a Board and Committee which meet on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of our club. 

The following are the Office bearers for the 2023/2024 season.

Chairman: Andrew Kelly

Vice Chairmen: Thomas Patterson

Secretary: Kyra Turkington

Assistant Secretary: Thomas Patterson

Treasurer: Nigel Talbot

Assistant Treasurer: Niall Hunter

Public Relations Officer: Barry Kelly

Fixture and Transport Secretary: Nigel Talbot

Child Welfare Officers: Diana Donnelly & Kyra Kelly

Website Coordinator: Kyle Hill

Disciplinary Chair: Niall Hunter

Development Centre Manager: Jack Turkington

Director of Football: Steven Hunter

CYFC U9’s: Gary Crooks

CYFC U10’s: Noel Kelly

CYFC U11’s Colts: Dermot O’Hagan

CYFC U11’s Youth: Damian Mullan

CYFC U12’s Colts: Vitor Pinto

CYFC U12’s: Kevin Kelly

CYFC U14’s: Ryan Martin

CYFC U14’s NL: Steven Ward

CYFC U15’s Colts: Colin Larmour

CYFC U15’s NL: Marc Glasgow

CYFC U17’s: David Turkington

CYFC U18’s: Nigel Donnelly

CYFC Reserves: George Dardis

CYFC 1st Team: Steven Hunter