Code of Conduct

CYFC fully endorse the Irish FA Youth Football Strategy Summary Document 2015-2025

Cookstown Youth Football Club (CYFC) fully endorse the Irish FA Youth Football Strategy Summary Document 2015-2025.

We support the IFA’s vision of “To promote, foster and develop youth football for all in Northern Ireland, creating a fun, safe and inclusive culture which inspires a lifelong love of the game. Creating opportunities, inspiring change and helping young people fulfil their potential on and off the pitch.

Serving the community through football and education. “ CYFC fully endorse the policies and guidelines contained within the IFA’s “Safeguarding Children in Football”.

CYFC is Responsible for Ensuring:

  • That everyone within the club (club members), whatever their role, has read, agreed and signed up to their relevant Code of Conduct and understands the actions which could be taken if there is any breach of these Codes
  • To collect and retain the signed agreement forms, where applicable
  • To deal fairly and consistently with anyone who breaks ‘their’ Code.

CYFC will do all it reasonably and practically can to show its level of commitment to stamp out discreditable conduct and will deal with cases of reported misconduct and unacceptable behaviour from players, coaches, club officials or spectators that bring the club into disrepute.

The club will not tolerate any offensive behaviour or chanting. The action and sanctions by the club can range from education, mentoring, official warnings and advice, suspension, or even exclusion from the club and its grounds. Where criminal offences have been committed the police will be asked to intervene and arrest and prosecute where appropriate.

CYFC’s introduction of this Code of Conduct should result in the provision of football in an environment where everyone feels safe and included. This Code of Conduct applies to all CYFC members and supporters.

For a full copy of our Code of Conduct and Child Safety Policy click on the link below.

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